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Lingerie Sets: Get Yours Today!!

Sexy Thong/Lingerie Sets- Great Value!!

G-String Folies By Renaud Angelique Ens. 2 pièces Livco Corsetti Fashion Celestyna 
From left to right:

Folies By Renaud- The look of retro vintage chic with sexy sets of frill and French fringe always the sublime image of old world style and fitting comfort easily beset by beauty. Made in France

Livco Corsetti- Extremely popular brand in the US and Europe. Well known for exquisite hosiery but also sells these sexy lingerie sets that come with scented perfume for a unique thrill. The scent is chocolate. Yummy!! Made in Poland

LUXXA Lingerie- FRENCH LINGERIE at it's finest. Manufactured in France and created by a French designer, this brand is gaining noteriety for long lasting beauty and luxurious designs. Made in France

Gorgeous and Glamorous Lingerie- Simply Divine French G-Strings

Mini string ouvert corail imperial mini string ferm� Divine

Mini String Open or Closed- Style Divine

mini string Divine ouvert
Mini string Divine ouvert et ferm�

Isn't love divine? When you just look into those eyes and see yourself in another person, the two of you becoming one. It happens in an instant and Marquise in Love wants you to be prepared for that amazing day, with sexy lingerie that is simply irresistible.

Marquise in Love
The Divine Mini G-String is perfect for those unforgettable moments of passion and delight. Those moments when he notices everythng. The way you look, the way you smell- what you're wearing.. Go prepared for something special by wearing a beautiful, exceptional g-string from Marquise in Love.

Veneziana Offers Your Legs Comfort and Beauty

Matterhorn dedicates this site to all lovers of pantyhose with the highest quality. A site where beauty, comfort and lightness are in the spotlight. A wide range of stockings and tights to suit all tastes is available at our hosiery boutique.

Leg Veneziana Leg sexy tights Veneziana

Tights offer bold patterns and colors- attractive to those who who want to be recognized with nylons of the era that are reminiscent of fashion for the lat 40 or 50 years.

Our pantyhose represent "second skin" designed with materials pleasant to the touch, which cover you to suit your foot size. Fits nicely with a feminine dress or a sexy mini skirt, while causing an effect of sensual fetishism.
  A true delight to wear, a genuine lightness and finesse provides enhanced sensation of having bare legs.
These highly refined hosiery- proposed by Matterhorn to beautify your legs, award them a harmonious form and reveal their beauty, as they give an elegant look for a look full of charm and sensuality

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